In the world of handmade jewelry, there are the beaders and the stringers.  Dora Haralambaki belongs in a different galaxy altogether. 

She starts by creating the shell; made of bronze slightly dusted with gold, the metallic sculptures she forges can be simple and dainty or morphed into complex shapes and sizes.  It reminds her of the footprint we leave on the wet sand that the sea erases.  Likewise, her “podes” will vanish under an ocean of stunning colors.

Dora uses powdery pigments of colors that she mixes from scratch.  True artists see the world differently than the rest of us, and Dora’s vision is always magnificent.  The only rules she follows are the ones from her heart.   

She also shapes and assembles all the chains used in her collection, which she solders one link at a time.

The result is a breathtaking line of colorful contemporary designs in rich colors and distinctive shapes for women who think that art is the best ally to embellish their lives.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken". Oscar Wilde

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