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Perfect green earrings
Thank you for curating and the quick delivery of the lighter green CB circle tube earrings. ???
I was excited to check your wonderful site the other week and saw the new green wishlist beauties that we talked about last year. They are perfect (just as I envisioned) with the necklace.
Thanks so much for your continued support, special, beautiful and unique jewelry/art pieces.
Many kind regards,
Pam B. 29/02/2024

Thank you for your kind words.  You always send me good vibes.

Yes, these earrings were made for you, and I am so very glad you found them - not thanks to me since I realize I forgot to let you know Christina created them at your wise suggestion.

I love it!


Received the Christina tulle necklace today!! Absolutely love, perfect!! Thanks so much for quick, perfect shipping!! 
Susan J 05/03/2024

It's your style - like it was made for you.  Enjoy and send me some pictures!!

more suggestions please

I received the earrings and they are great. 
Do you have any new favorites I should pay attention to?


Shelly C 12/02/2024
Hi Shelly, I was most pleased when I saw them and knew you would like them too.
I am glad you do.  I will add new favorites to the website this week, so stay tuned
Hi Nathalie,
I received my order on Saturday.  They are gorgeous!  I'm wearing the Bailar today (it looks great layered).  I love this piece!  I'm looking forward to obtaining some others like that!  I like the aqua colored one.  I can tell that I will have a lot of fun with these.
Gina C. 08/02/2023

Gina, this necklace was made for you; you look fabulous and I am thrilled by your creativity.


Hello Nathalie,

I presented the necklace to Nannette as mentioned. Oh, yea, it ALL worked. It's a beautiful piece, and Nannette is VERY happy!
Thanks for your assistance through obtaining this wonderful gift
Karl W 06/01/2022
thank you so much Karl for your email.
You are right, Nanette looks fabulous; the colors are so perfect for her.  And she is very elegant with a design that could easily be jazzy on someone else.
Nothing can make my job more rewarding than working with husbands who make the time to find the perfect design for their wives.  And you have definitively achieved excellence in your endeavor.
great service
I truly appreciate all of your service and expert attention. 
Susan P 10/01/2024

you are welcome


Thanks, Nathalie, for the new Laurent Guillot collar. This one fits me well and doesn’t come unbalanced as i wear it. I will enjoy it for years to come and send any other buyers your way!

Ruth R 07/10/2017
I am so glad we found the right one for you!!
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend
great additions to my collection


I just received my Samuel Coraux necklace and earrings. I am very happy with these pieces!!! I have a few other pieces of his so these are a nice addition. 
Shelby V 17/02/2024
Shelby, sorry for the late reply, I am in New York for a busy tradeshow.
But your note made me very happy.
special order longer necklaces

Hi Nat,

Just bought these and a few more things on the website. Thank you so so much for having these made longer for me. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to comfortably wear these pieces. 
Hi Nat,
I just got in and opened my beautiful necklaces. As always, can’t thank you enough for making them longer. They fit so much better this way. You really are amazing!!!  Looking forward to wearing every one ???
Poorva M 05/02/2024

never hesitate; nothing thrills me more than to make you look fabulous.

super fast delivery

Nikaia is a real Speedy Gonzales in getting orders out.

Gail G 05/04/2023

jewelry does not wait

broken clasp
I noticed that one of my recent CB necklaces has broken fasteners. The magnet came off of the CB and the diver circle holding this fastener came off. Odd and disappointing. Do you want me to send them back to you. it is not old and I assume this should not happen.
Shelly C 14/04/2023

Shelly, I am very sorry to hear that you are faced with a broken fastener.  I will immediately send you a replacement necklace along with a return label.  I will also let Christina know about it.  Hopefully, it is a very isolated incident.

museum store collections

One of the things I love about your website is that I realized how much love Samuel Coraux's work. Before we bought Crazy Lucie at the Hirshhorn, we bought Bubbles-BW Spot, which I loved! While looking at your site, I saw Space-Red, which I bought at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago! 

Judy M 31/05/2023

Thank you for sharing with me.  We do a lot of business with many museum stores in the USA but their buyers are sometimes a little conservative and I know our clients welcome that we offer a wider range of designs than what they can find in stores.

Laurent Guillot rocks!

The collars and bracelet are spectacular! Even more outstanding than I’d expected, Thanks 1,000,000 for all your help with me making my decision and then getting each necklace beautifully packed and shipped.

 I had a family issue that required leaving town and am just now able to write and properly thank you.

 Nikaia is such a wonderful store because it reflects you!



Gail G 08/12/2022
Gail, you are so sweet.  Thank you for your kind words.
I am thrilled you like your goodies! But with Laurent's work, what's not to love?
just arrived

The package arrived today in record time, two days! Your previous package to me took five days. Maybe the post office will get back to normal after all. ?

Just wanted you to know that I love, love both the earrings and bracelet!

Have a great week.

Many thanks,


Donna L 26/05/2022

thank you for taking the time to let me know you are happy with your new beauties.

love, love, love

I received my box of items, and, as always, love most of them.  No, wait, I love all of them.  I am already imagining combinations and possibilities!!! Yesterday was a delightful combination of two pieces--see photo

Mischa CP 26/04/2022
Mischa, I LOVE that combo, it is so crisp and dynamic!!
Aside from the fact that I am crazy about orange, the mix of designs works really well together.
Cannot wait to get a picture of the human version :)

My necklace just arrived and I love it! Donna

Donna K 29/12/2021

thanks for letting me know :)
I cannot wait to wear the pieces

Thank you very much Nathalie.

My order details are attached.
I selected 2-5 day delivery for both orders.  I'm hoping to receive all items before Dec 18th, if possible. There is a lot of package theft happening in Chicago, hoping to receive both packages before my holiday travel starts. Plus I can't wait to wear the pieces.
Thank you very much again for your wonderful site, unique jewelry selection options and great customer support.  ?
Pam B. 04/12/2021

thank you for your note and your warm compliments.

Stay bubbly and have a peaceful Holiday Season.
I need your help

Thank you for getting back to me!  I love your jewelry and am excited to add to…

Thinking of the Leonora or the Mireille both in black.  Your thoughts?  Dress is pretty casual most of the time.  Also thinking seriously about CB 1835A7.  The Lucia is also stunning.  Love the glass pieces!
I wear lots of black, white and gray-which I should probably “pop” with some color but am drawn to the neutrals.  
Thank you!
Lisa S 27/11/2021
Hi Lisa, the LEONORA just like the Christina 1835 will sit perfectly around your neck.
Mireille will go down more.  Like a pendant.
The Christina is very casual (think T-shirt or simple dress) the LEONORA dressier with the grey accents.
They are both simple but with character and style.
Tough decision...
help please

My wife is a huge Samuel Coraux fan and we just saw that you carry a lot of his work on your website.
We have a special family event this coming weekend for which these are a gift for my wife.
Was looking to buy the SC Zig Ring in Matt Pink and the SC Face Earrings in Matt Black. Open to more depending on price. For sure more in the future :) Also the Treble Note Necklace (for my mother in law) and something for my mom as thank you gifts.

Dave W 30/11/2021

Dave, I can always put them on and send you a picture if it helps you make the right decision.  Just let me know.

special order


Thank you so much! Looking forward to receiving the package.

Many thanks for special ordering this set for me, I very much appreciate it.

Happy Holidays!

Donna L 21/05/2021

it is my pleasure, always.