First, please be aware that perfume, hairspray, makeup, and sunscreen will damage most costume jewelry components; the crystals will lose their luster, the glass and Lucite will become cloudy, plated metal parts, even high-grade ones, will corrode. 

Leaving your jewelry in direct sunlight for extended periods of time may cause bleaching.  Going to the pool or using a sauna while wearing your jewelry will damage it irreparably.

- NIKAIA will repair or replace free of charge for (1) one year any and all the jewelry sold through our website as long as the piece is defective.   

A defective piece is defective because it was not made properly by the manufacturer.  Because our entire assortment is handmade, despite the rigorous controls initiated by good companies very motivated to protect their reputation, flaws can occur.     Mechanical defects are the most current: stubborn clasps, uncooperative earring hooks.  Sometimes, the parts used are not as crisp and flawless as we would wish them to be.  

- NIKAIA will be available to repair or replace for a fee any and all the jewelry sold through our website that was damaged.   

A damaged piece is a piece that was created in perfect accordance with the original design but was not handled with the consideration it deserved.  

Many of the concerns expressed by our customers fall clearly into the damaged piece category.  Murano glass balls will break when they are dropped.  Rubber strings will detach from the clasp when they are pulled.  Rubber will get discolored when sprayed with perfume or when it sits on your dresser next to your opened window.  From the very beginning, Coeur de Lion has been using a metallic cord that is coated by nylon.  The advantage of this double cord is that it is virtually indestructible, the drawback is that if the necklace is not stored properly inside its original box or something similar, the cord can be bent and once the nylon has a dent on it, the necklace will look crooked.  Many of these issues can be fixed.  Please contact us via email at and attach a picture so we may assess the extent of the damage and the fee associated with the repair.